Why meditation in the workplace?

Meditation programs in the workplace are becoming more and more commonplace. An effective program can increase productivity, creativity, and engagement, reduce stress, absenteeism, anxiety, depression, and aggression, according to research published by Golbie Kamarei of BlackRock. Kamarei started teaching meditation to companies on Wall Street and her research is based on surveys of over 500 participants.

The bullish economy is pushing us further than ever. More work, more emails, more reporting, more people, more, more, and more. Add to this the recent memory or the Great Recession, the pressure to perform is higher than ever. Mindfulness programs are helpful, but are only part of the big picture when it comes to an individual’s need to find ways to calm their minds. This is where meditation comes into play. Adding structured meditation classes to a corporate mindfulness program will enhance the program’s effectiveness, and give employees a way to connect with their inner voices, resulting in countless benefits in both their personal and workplace lives.

In 2012 CEO of Aetna, Mark Bertolini, introduced meditation programs to his 50,000-person company. As a result of almost dying on a family ski-trip shortly before becoming CEO, Bertolini found healing in yoga and meditation. The results are inspiring other publicly-held companies to do the same. Aetna invested $197,000 to do the first program. At the beginning they spent $2500 a year more expense per employee who was experiencing the highest level of stress. The cost reduced to about $2000 for these people who reported saved marriages, weight loss, and more.

What’s more is that the bottom line, stock price change over time is up 270 percent in five years. Aetna attributes some of this to their focus on mindfulness and meditation. They’ve taken these results and added them to their insurance offerings where the results are similar in other companies to their own.

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