Meditation Workplace Applications

Even though mindfulness programs are emerging in numerous workplace settings, the literature concerning the impact on employees is in its infancy. Initial results, however, parallel the physical and emotional outcomes found in earlier studies.

A randomized, controlled trial for 179 full-time workers compared a group practicing mental silence meditation to both a relaxation active control and a wait-list control. The meditation group showed significant reductions in work stress and depressed mood compared to the control groups (Manocha et al. 2011).

Another randomized, controlled trial (Wolever et al. 2012) for 239 employees compared two mind-body interventions (a mindfulness-based program and therapeutic yoga) with a control group that participated only in assessment. The mind-body interventions showed greater improvements on perceived stress, sleep quality, and the heart rhythm coherence ratio of heart rate variability.

Both studies demonstrate the effectiveness and viability of integrating mindfulness interventions into the workplace.

In another arena, BlackRock, a Wall Street Fortune 500 company, a successful meditation program created and executed by Golbir Kamarei found the following positive results gathered from over 500 testimonials.

Initially, she used these quotes to bring to life the emotional power of her program. “If I was sitting down with a more senior person at the firm,” recalls Kamarei, “I’d say ‘you might not be able to visualize the impact, but here are four quotes about the impact it’s had on someone’s ability to be more productive, or the impact it’s having on peoples’ health and well being.’”

As time passed, Kamarei made it a priority to also collect quantitative data to support her cause. She sent out a survey, which produced the following percentages:

  • 91 percent believe it positively adds to the culture
  • 88 percent would recommend it to a colleague
  • 66 percent experience less stress or are better able to manage stress
  • 63 percent are better able manage themselves at work
  • 60 percent experienced increased focused, mental resilience, and better decision-making
  • 52 percent better manage relationships with peers at work
  • 46 percent experience increased innovation and creativity

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