Meditation Program

      Meditation Programs Save Corporate America Money

As part of Nancy’s career development focus and outreach into the corporate community she has offered her “Structured” company based Meditation Programs to implement wellness programs that lack this essential element to complete the circle of wellness.

Nancy enjoys collaborating with established company based wellness programs to expand their meditation class offerings by introducing and implementing her Structured Meditation Program that is designed to “custom fit”  their employees’ needs.

Nancy has:

  • Offered private meditation classes to clients for over 25 years
  • Designed & hosted a 6 month Structured Meditation Program for employees of Kendal Floral/Expo in Carlsbad, CA
  • Designed and hosted a year-long structured meditation group open to the student body and staff of High Bluff Academy in Del Mar, CA
  • Completed the Transcendental Meditation Course through the TM Society in New York City and has practiced meditation regularly for the last 40 years
  • Practiced yoga in a number of disciplines for over 40 years
  • Hosted private health based retreats that have included daily meditation practice as part of the program
  • Offers her Structured Meditation Program as an integral part of her session work  in private rehabilitation centers, group centers, public and private schools, yoga studios, healing centers and clinics throughout CA and the Northwest

There has been much scientific research and data gathered on the benefits of a regular meditation practice. A list is included below.

Additional research on the benefits of regular meditation practice can be found at The Transcendental Meditation Society,  and The Chopra Center,

Some of the many benefits that can be expected to be received with regular participation in meditation are:

  1.  Increased energy and stamina
  2.  Clearer thinking and problem solving
  3.  More creativity and motivation, increasing productivity
  4.  Stress reduction/Inner peace
  5.  Decreased blood pressure
  6.  Better sleep patterns and rest
  7.  Lower cholesterol levels
  8.  Increased production of the anti-aging DHEA hormone
  9.  Help with releasing addictive behavior patterns
  10.  Cooperation and collaboration taking place in all areas of your life

The time spent in meditation classes is always time well spent. You will find yourself more relaxed, productive and energized which will benefit you both at home, at work and play!
To learn more or to have Nancy start customizing a Structured Meditation Program for your company, contact Nancy at: