Healing & Communication Sessions

“My sessions with Nancy have resulted in the removal of pounds of psychic debris, resulting in fierce, calm clarity! When you are ready to clear the clutter from your soul, call Nancy.”
Susana Moore, Contemplative Programs Coordinator, Rancho La Puerta Fitness Resort and Spa

What can energy work do for me?

Working on an energetic level moves you past the surface of an issue to a much deeper level so true healing can take place. Some of the issues Nancy helps her clients with include feeling stuck, financial stress, job dissatisfaction, family issues, health problems, addictive patterns, and lack of self-confidence. Positive benefits include feeling better about yourself, realizing your true potential, discovering your life’s purpose, and connecting more completely with your spiritual essence.

What can I expect to happen during the session?

Each session is unique because healing takes place on many levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Nancy works on the deepest level possible so a holistic integration can take place and be experienced on all levels. Several healing techniques and tools are often used, such as chakra and polarity balancing patterns, Structured Meditation Practice, color healing, nutritional counseling, and aromatherapy. Additional services include Family and Couple Communication Sessions and life-coaching services for children, tweens and teens as well as adults.

How long do sessions last and where do they take place?

Sessions¬† last approximately 60 – 120 minutes and are available in San Diego and worldwide via phone, ZOOM or Facetime.¬† Nancy’s main office is located in Encinitas, Ca.

When are sessions available?

By appointment. Please call Nancy at (760) 419-4050.

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