Nancy Princetta

Nancy Princetta graduated from the world-renowned CUNY Baccalaureate Program in New York City where she discovered her passion for health and nutrition, graduating from CUNY with a B.S. in Health Sciences, with an emphasis on special needs populations, and a minor in psychology and art.

For the past 25 years, Nancy has had great success in implementing her work in chiropractic and medical offices, healing centers, and as the owner of Inner Fitness. A lifelong student of nutrition, special education, psychology, and meditation, Nancy brings a unique blend of consciousness and practical tools to her clients by interweaving her scientific, educational and artistic backgrounds into her practice.

Her desire to help others, together with her special education background, has led Nancy to explore working with children and their families who are experiencing challenges with their educational needs, health and family dynamics. Nancy provides support through counseling, behavioral modification tools, Structured Meditation Programs, energy and movement patterns, and a variety of therapeutic tools in her private sessions.

She has volunteered and worked at the LUX Art Institute in Encinitas and the Pegasus Rising Project, serving on its advisory board for children with special needs.

Through an Artist’s Outreach Grant from the Kenneth A. Picerne Foundation, Nancy created a cutting-edge after-school art program for students with special needs, The Rainbow Bridge ARTs Project, at Paul Ecke Central school in Encinitas, CA. It has since been approved to be offered in all six Encinitas Elementary Public Schools.

Nancy was a staff member at Practical Recovery Services in La Jolla, CA. She has taught Psychology and offered Support/Meditation Circles at High Bluff Academy in Del Mar, CA.  She has recently completed facilitating her Structured Meditation Program for Kendal/Floral Expo in Carlsbad, CA. Presently, Nancy is focused on incorporating her “custom”  Structured Meditation Program to expand Wellness Programs in both the private and corporate business sectors.